Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deniel's Scribepost!

What we did today! which was... MAKING SQUARES #2

Hey!!!!! OK today we did how to use the grid paper making squares and how to make them bigger so yeah....

OK the first thing was to cut the squares 10x10 , 8x10 and also , 2x10 but after we did that we had to make more so here's my explanation for you guys :)

Explanation: The second thing was to build squares so here are some examples I did and made up one
eg.squaring a number times it by the same number like 2x2 so your doubling the square number or number.Also another thing since 1x1 equals 1 we made it into 0.1 for each cube because of the dimensions in the cube.

As we were making it bigger we had to cut 6 or 7 pieces out but the first piece we had to place was the 8x10 piece and place it on the right or left corner of y
our big sheet of yellow paper then the second thing was to get the 2x10 piece that was the same color as the 8x10 piece that you had to color and
paste it beside the left or right side making it a 10x10 square. After we placed it we used the other 8x10 piece and we had to cut it into 2x10 pieces which left us 3 pieces of 2x10 but the last piece was cut into 2x2 pieces which made 4 because we had to fill in the space on the left or right top corner also the last piece was from the 2x10 because we split in have making 2 pieces of 2x10.The next step was to get that extra piece on the left or right side of the big 14x14 square so
here's a picture to show what it should look like:

I'm sorry for not making a ratio table but i had an idea making it so yeah here are the answers what we did this class and we had to do the area:
As 1x1=1 that was the area of the first answer.
As 1.1x1.1=1.21 that was the area for the second answer.
As 1.2x1.2=1.44 that was the area for the third answer.
As 1.3x1.3=1.69 that was the area for the fourth answer.
As 1.4x1.4=1.96 that was the area for the last and fifth answer.

The biggest area was 1.4 because it was on the edge and we doubled it so yeah.

Also there was a 2x2 square left over and we had to make a really big square using all the pieces so good luck with that!

Another thing is when Mrs.U finished done with the big square she told us a question which was...
Why is there 4 square left over not like the pieces separated like into a square a 2x2 square.

So..... yeah hope you guys like my big scribe post and sorry for posting this in the morning so yeah.
NOW!!! he he...COMMENT


  1. Great job Deniel!

    nice use of colour
    you explained it really well
    good job!!!!

  2. Hey Deniel, you did a good job! I like how you posted everything and used lots of colors but you should have highlighted the important parts. Overall you did very well!

  3. Nice Job Deniel! I liked how explained everything that we have done in class! Like Jomari said you should had have highlighted the important words. Anyways Awesome Job Deniel!

  4. good job! your post is very detialed and very well explained... the diagram you made really looks good and it looks like you worked hard on it...you could take a picture of what we did to make it more easier

  5. g'job!I loved how you explained everything very well and used nice colours in your text.

  6. good job deniel ! I liked how you explained your work really well and the different colours you used so people can follow what your trying to say .

  7. Good Job! you explained it very well and I also liked the colours.

  8. goodjob , i liked how you explained yur work , but yu should have highlites the important things like jomari said . but you dod very well.

  9. I like how you explained what we did in class. I also like how you showed how the picture of the square should look like.I think you should have used lesser color. Good job though!

  10. Good job Deniel !
    I liked how you explained what we did and the pictures looked great ! I like the colours, but maybe next time not too colourful ?
    Good job again !

  11. good job

    great job explaining everything.
    I like the colours.
    Awesome job


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