Wednesday, November 25, 2009

chantel`s scribepost

hey guys , so today we were continuing building our squares.

How many perfect squares can you make with 4 squares ?

- with 4 squares you can make 1 perfect square because with 2 squares it has a decimal and no equal sides. with 3 squares it wouldn't work either because it has different sides. with 4 squares it work work, because with 4 squares it has a whole number.

What is the approx. side length of a square that uses:

the approximate side length would be 1.2x1.2=1.44
;3sides- the approximate side length would be 1.3x1.3=1.69
;4sides- the approximate side lenght would be 1.4x1.4=1.96

sorry if its not right, at least i tried. please comment (:


  1. Good job on explaining what we did in class,and showing part of the work. What you should have done was also post a picture of what we did and make your text bigger. Good job though!

  2. nice job chantel! you answered the question in complete sentences

    but you should explain more of what we did on math today...and it would be better if you show some diagram of how you got your answer...

  3. Great job chantel!
    You told us what we sorta did today in class. One thing you could have done was put what we did in class today. You could have even put pictures. But great job! (:

  4. Good job Chantel !
    You could have probably put pictures and explain what we did today for the people who weren't at class.

  5. awesome job ! it wouldve been better to have a picture , just to make it easy to explain, but great job!

  6. good job ! you explained your work really well , but you should've used darker colours for your font because it was really hard to read and you could've added more pictures .

  7. Hey Chantel, you did very good! I liked how you used some colors and a picture but you should have highlighted the more important parts.

  8. Good Job Chantel! I really loved how you explained the perfect squares part. But I didn't quite really get the side length part at first is because I thought you were talking about the tiles. But then I realized that you were talking about the next "icing" of the square. So thanks! :]


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