Monday, November 2, 2009

Brianna's Growing Post

Hey everyone, I would of done this earlier but well my computer is really bad so... anyways let's get down to math!

Part 1

Mr. H said we had to define Ratio and Rate and we supposed to do a question from pages 60 and 61.

Ratio: The comparison of quantities in the same measurement.

Rate: The measurement of quantities in different measurements.

Question 6 on page 60:

6. Gina earns $78.00 for working 6 h. Assad makes $192.50 after working 14 h. Determine each person's unit rate of pay. Who has the greater rate of pay?

Assad has the better pay rate.

Question 10 on page 61:

10. Trevor rode his mountain bike 84 km in 3 h. Jillian rode 70 km in 2.5 h. Who is the fastest cyclist? How do you know?

Trevor and Jillian went the same distance. I know this because when I did the math, it resulted with the same answer.

Part 2 This recipe makes spaghetti for four people. I have to find out the amount of each ingredient needed to make spaghetti for ten people.

For Ten people:

3.75 lb ground beef

2.5 medium onion diced

2.5 celery finely sliced

2.5 cloves of garlic

35 oz can of tomatoes chopped

3.75 can of tomato paste

2.5 tsp parsley

3.76 tsp basil

2.5 tsp oregano

2.5 tsp sugar

3.75 tsp Worcestershire sauce

3.75 tsp salt

2.5 bay leaf

To make this recipe for one person:

0.375 lb ground beef

0.25 medium onion diced

0.25 celery finely sliced

0.25 clove of garlic

3.5 oz can of tomatoes chopped

0.375 can of tomato paste

0.25 tsp parsley

0.376 tsp basil

0.25 tsp oregano

0.25 tsp sugar

0.275 tsp Worcestershire sauce

0.375 tsp salt

0.25 tsp bay leaf

Ladies and gentlemen this is the end of my scribe post.


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