Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birth of a Hero: How I Saved the World from ALIENS


Me: Do not lose hope! We will win!

(later on at home....)

Oh no! Aliens have invaded the earth, and unless we solve three problems using proportional reasong we're screwed! Ahem - I mean DOOMED!
Harbeck has alerted us of out mission - if we choose to accept it - and I shall do my part to keep the earth safe. Or as safe as it is now I guess.... Anyways. here we go! WE CAN DO THIS! ( I hope. What? False hope is bad! No one can live with that type of let down.)

Question 1)
(Question 9: page. 67)

Determine the missing value to make each rate equivalent. Include the units.

a)60 km / 3 h = 120 km / 6 h (x2)
b)$3 / 4 cans = $15 / 20 cans (x5)
c)178 beats / 2 min = 89 beats / 1 min (divided by 2)
d)48 cans / $16 = 192 cans / $64 (x4)
As you can see, each unit rate has been multiplied or divided by a number. As shown in the brackets, 60 km in three hours is now doubled to 120 km in 6 hours. Not bad huh? 3 dollars for 4 cans are now quintupled to 15 dollars for 20 cans. A deal, I guess. 178 beats in 2 min - I'll assume they're heart beats - are now divided by four to get 89 beats in 1 min. And the 48 cans for $16 are now quadrupaled to 192 can for $64. Wow exspensive cans aren't they?

Question 2) That's right aliens, you aren't so tough now, eh?
(Question 20: page. 68)

A breakfast cereal contains corn, wheat, and rice in the ratio of 3 to 4 to 2. If a box of cereal contains 225 g of corn, how much rice does it contain?
225 g divided by 3 = 75 g. So two times 75 g = 150 g. There are 150 g of rice in the cereal. Who could eat that much? An alien perhaps?
I divided 225 by 3 to get 75, and then took that and multiplied the ratio 2 by 75 to get 150.

And now..... Question 3) The aliens are starting to get the message that we are not going to back down. Huzzah! That's my word now people, HUZZAH!
(Question 25: page. 69)

Mark estimates that frogs eat six insects per hour and that dragonfl ies eat nine insects per hour. Assume a frog rests for 8 h each day and a dragonfl y rests for 13 h each day. Neither eats while resting.
a) Determine the daily rate of insects eaten by a frog and a dragonfl y. Which one eats more insects per day?(answers in purple)
Frog: 96 insects/day Dragonfly: 99 insects/day. The dragonfly eats 3 more insects than the frog. Dang nature, you scary!
b) How many insects would a dragonfly eat in a week?
693 insects in a week. That's a lot compared to the little froggie.
c) How many insects would a frog eat in August?
2976 insects in August. Talk about gluttony, well the less annoying insects the better.

I think it's safe now. You can stop shaking guys, they're gone! Huzzah! Thank me later on Monday, I'm too tired to say you're welcome right now. I hope they don't comeback, they were UGLY little buggers. Wait what's that? NO NOT ME, IF YOU WANT TO TAKE SOMEONE TAKE -
TAKE WHOEVER DIDN'T DO THIS YET! Ah they're gone.... phew. That was way too close...

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  1. Oh my gosh! Such a funny alien story Chantell! Also you had done a great job on explaining your word using words. You should next time like put pictures! :]


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