Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tamika's 2 minutes to make a difference reflection

My google docs

2 minutes to make a difference version 1

2 minutes to make a difference final cut

2. In the final version of the video I changed the volume. In the first one I guess the interview was scratchy because it was to quiet so I had to raise the volume. I lowered the music and the interview so it was clearer. I also added some writing when there was talking so we could know what they were saying. Lastly I added some more pictures to set a better mood in how it is important.
I think the comments were helpful. It showed us how we could make the video better.

3. We found our expert at the Winnipeg Humane Society, because I knew that the humane society helps animals so I thought there would be an expert that could help us. Three things our expert showed us were that the Humane Society helps a lot of animals and that they do a lot of stuff to treat the animals or make the animals feel better. Another thing she told us is there is a lot of things we can do to help the animals. We couldn't fit in all the things she told in the interview.
From my expert I learned a lot about how many animals they take care of and what they do to help abused animals.

4. I think the best thing about our video was the mood. I think the music went with the video really well, it make the video more effective and more interesting. I can take the information our expert gave us and share it with others so they can help too.

5. It was really frustrating when I was editing the video. I would make some changes but then the computer would freeze up and wouldnt work. When that happened I would have to close it then restart it again, that way it would work again.

6.I think 2 minutes to make a difference is important for grade 8's because we are the age that we can change peoples thinking on he earth. We are the age that we understand what is going wrong and help change it as we grow up. We can also teach the younger kids how to change the world and they can teach other people, kind of like pay it forward! =)

7. I can make a difference by volunteering to places that can change the world like the Winnipeg Humane Society or even places that help other things like SEED Winnipeg( that helps refugees). But ill have to do that when im older. I would also like to donate to places. I already sponcer a child in South Africa named Lesago and I donate to the Winnipeg Humane Society. Also I give my old stuff to the Canadian Diabetes clothes line.

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