Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jennifer's 2 Minutes To Make a Difference Final Reflection

Hello Everyone!

The changes we've made for this video would be the music so it would actually blend in with the music instead of being out of place. We've also changed the color of the font so it would be seen easily instead of blending with the picture. We've also made the pictures last longer since people can't read so fast. The students that had commented on our Version 1 really did helped our editor/director Althea make a better video. Which turned out pretty good!

Our expert was Althea's closest friend Daphne Ries Jalique. We choose her because she seems really smart and she was very helpful to Althea with her homework. The three important things the expert mention to our video is psychological disorders, students need to be aware about what's around them, and bullying is something we have to be aware about. What I have learned about this is, we shouldn't just watch the person being bullied, we have to help them! We may experience that as well in some near future.

Our great success for our 2 minutes to make a difference video would be completing it and be able to find an expert otherwise, it won't be a complete video and we would lose marks if we haven't found one. The skills I would be taking along with me would be completing projects and video skills. Because you'll never know when you would want to make a video in the near future. I would also use creative common pictures cause we don't have the right to take someone else's image and claim it's ours.

There was some things were frustrating us like it took us a while to find our expert since we didn't really know where to start with. But were lucky that we did found one. Some of the strategies we did was just be calm about what were doing don't get stressed. Also if one person forgot to do something, we just have to remind that person to do their work.

I think the reason why "Making a Difference" is important to Grade 8's is because, it's our final year of being in elementary. Were growing up. This is the right time to care about the issues all around the world. In other grades they may just be too busy continuing to work hard for their future instead of caring.

How will I make a difference? It depends if it is the right time for me to make a difference. Usually, some of us are afraid of asking people to support us about our issue. I've always wanted to do something that is out of my legue.

Thanks For Reading!

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