Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 minutes to Make a difference (Bullying) Relflection


Version 1

The movie 1 was about bullying. I know that the music isn't any effected to the movie. And at the end were a little video about bullying plus a bystander. Althea know she got an expert, but we're trying to get a teacher or the principal to tell us about bullying, but she was busy. Jennifer and I were asking if Mrs. Mota wasn't busy but we tried to getting her to do our interview about Bullying.
Then Althea made contact with someone else, but it was good enough for the team. The most thing I noticed that in the comments that someone said that our movie, the text was going fast.
And there were few many pictures about bullying like a video we would put about bullying something effected to those that can make difference. About the end when the girl being slapped in the head that should be the oppsite or it could be like that. That made feel how I got bullied long time ago being a nerd doing other people's stuff and they think it's not good enough.

On the Final cut at the ending was a little effected because it said that " Prevent bullying is to tell an Adult" That's what I like about. That should be at the end and the font should be change into a time roman anyways it's the final cut no changes right.
For my skills in the future if I do this again I would do this without the music and show How bullying feels about physical, cyberbullying and maybe show how it is done in schools. Like new kid came and some how that kid show that he was bullied. So he told is parents to stop this bullying. I would do without the music and put a 2 mins video about bullying because it would show viewers that Bullying affects.
If I were making a difference, I would just stand up those who got bullied or maybe I would just tell the principal to make an end of it those who bullies other victims around them. Maybe bullying isn't in one place we could make a difference in schools around the world like U.S.A, other continents and other province .
The most frustrating thing to do for our movie is looking for our expert.
About doing this project to other gr.8 students, is to change the world to stop bullying; it affects other people's feelings not just North America maybe around the world. Because doing this, is making people realize how the world is feeling right now and they don't know any of it so that's why were doing this project.

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