Monday, May 3, 2010


Students didn't leave any comments so we didn't make any changes to the movie.
there was no expert.I should've done that work myself.(Devin.)
The script was my greatest success in the whole movie.I felt really great making this script.It was so well built together.My partners were lazy people at time (who complained when I told them to get to work.)So basically I forced them to do work sometimes. I only slacked off once.
Why do teens need to do this.I'll tell you why. Because grade 8 students are, wait for it- Teenagers and don't care about the real world."Did you see Bobbi's new shoes. Did you ask her yet. Hey I'll beat you on Modern warfare 2 tonight! Are you still dating...."and so on. Its the ugly truth.Get used to it.They don't care. If they get a project that tells them to show what is happening they might realize what they are doing, and have their blind teenage eyes open,
When I become the prime minister and I have $2000000000000000000 for my inventions, I'll give a chunk to charity.And if that doesn't happen then I'll start my own little charity or community service or I might even forget about. (I probably will forget it.)

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