Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Karra's 2 minutes to Make a Diffrence Reflection

Google Docs -
Version 1
Final Cut

The changes we made between our Version 1 video and our final cut is that we added pictures to our second video. We also fixed up our scripted. The students comments mostly told us to add pictures and as you can see, we have put pictures.

How did you find your expert?
List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert?

We found our expert by looking up " Environmentalist in Winnipeg ".

- He told us information that we had never known before.
- He taught us that their is a plastic dump in the middle of the pacific ocean
- He told us how he would make a diffrence

We found our expert on the Internet .

This movie project in general was a great success. I think our groups greatest success was finishing up our video. This Movie project showed me that things I should careful about and things I could get.

The main problem in our movie project was getting everything to fit together, like we were having problems with getting the pictures, sound, and our voices to fit all together. We ask teachers and students.

I think the 2 minutes to Make a Diffrence was important to us grade 8's because we learned bits and peices about the our world. Everyone had diffrent topics and we learned more about poverty and our environment.

In the future I will make a diffrence by telling people about what is happening in our world and how we can stop it. I will try not to harm our environment.

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