Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 Minutes To Make A Difference (Plastic Bags) Reflection by: Jasmine
Google Docs
Version 1
Final Cut

The changes we made between our Version 1 video and our final cut is that we added pictures into our second video to show more meaning to what we mean when we talk about the damages and other things. We also did some changes to some of our script, we changed some of our sentences around to make it sound better for the video. The students comments helped us see what kind of changes we needed to make our video better, they suggested we should add pictures. In the end the pictures worked out great in our video.

3 important things he helped us learn:
-Our expert helped us with some missing inormation about whats happening around the earth with plastic bags
-He talked about whats happening about the media coverage about plastic bags
-He also helped us add information about how he would make a difference himself, which helped us show more possibilities to make a difference

I learned that there is a big pile of plastic in the Pacific Ocean which was about twice the size of Texas. That also helped by showing a bigger impact about what plastic bags are doing to our environment. I will never forget that shocking information.

We found our expert from the University of Manitoba website and looked around for an environmentalist's number, to interview over the phone. We asked to speak to an expert, but the person who answered the phone told us that we were able to ask him some questions. We did not have to wait to find an expert.

I think our greatest success of this project was getting great information together and made it look really nice in the end. I also think that getting out video finished, was a great success. We had trouble trying to finish our movie and putting everything together for our final draft. I think all of this information that we learned in this whole project helped me learn things I should and shouldn't do when I grow up.

The thing that frustrated me during this movie is the deadlines that we had, I was busy sometimes and it was hard to find times to get it done. It was also hard to get the whole group together to work on it, since our times when we were available weren't great. Finishing the movie was also frustrating to me when I when I was working on this project. My group and I didnt really have a strategie for this project, we just tryed to work on it with all our group members together.

I think the 2 minutes to make a difference project is important to grade 8 students and other students because it shows us the things that are happening to our earth, so that when we grow up we can make the changes that we need to make, to help keep our earth a good place to live in and also help it to stay clean and healthy.

I will make a difference in the future by always trying to live eco-friendly for the earth, and keep the knowlage I have learned this year to help me know what I need to do when I grow up. I will also try to spread more awearness to the people I know about all the changes that is happening to the earth, and I will also tell them to spread the word to other people that they know so it carries on to other people in difference cities/counties/towns ect.

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