Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Althea's 2 Munites to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Google Docs- Bullying

Google Docs- Images

Version 1

Final Cut


The changes I made between Version 1 and Final cut is that I changed the music, slowed down the text and changed the colour of the font. Thanks to the comments that they post, it helped me made the final cut better.

Our expert was Daphne Ries Jalique, she is one of my closest family friend. I chose to interview her because she is really smart and helps me with my homework's.

3 Things the expert added to our video are:

•psychological disorders such as hyper vigilance, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, sleep disorder and eating disorder may happen

•Student should always be cautious about their environment.

•Bullying is a major concern.

What I learned from my expert is that students could truly fight and give justice against bullying.

My greatest success in the 2 Minute to Make a Difference project is that I finished it in time and I'm able to find an expert to interview. Finishing in time is a skill that i would taken because sometimes handing something late could deduct your mark.

Looking for an expert to interview was very frustrating because I kept telling my groups to help me find one, but they didn't find one. So, what I did was I checked MSN list and I remembered that I could ask my family friend.

2 Minutes to Make a Difference is important to grade 8 students because it could teach or show a student what is going on around us and what they could to help.

What I would do to make a difference in the future is that I would teach or tell them what happens to the people they bully and show them how we/I could make difference.

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