Monday, May 3, 2010

Brianna's Two minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

To make our video better, we added pictures of actual obese people and we cut out minor parts, we also added how you can keep your self from becoming obese. My group members and I also fixed the spelling mistakes in the script.

Our expert was doctor Shane Hartry. We found him quite easily because he goes to Laura's church so we came up with question to ask him and he gladly answered them. Doctor Hartry added a real doctor's perspective on our topic and it helped us understand about obesity better than any website could. He also added more reality to our movie because he showed us how real people are suffering from obesity and are dying daily.

My greatest success in our video was the research. The information was easy to find and to understand. I used a lot of jot notes during this stage in our project. For example if I found something that I didn't know on a site then I would jot it down. This is a good skill to learn because it helps you find the main points in a story ex specially when you are writing.

The frustrating part of making this movie for me was working with my friends because trying to come up with a subject and producing an idea for a movie is very challenging. It's even harder when you are working with three other people and they all have different ideas and want to do things they're own way. To fix this problem we brainstormed a way to make all our ideas work together. We ended up using a little bit of every one's idea to make a good movie.

Two minutes to make a difference it important to grade eight students because we're at the age where we start to understand that not everyone is as fortunate as we are or how the world is changing around us. This activity helps grade eights understand that there is a real world with real people who have problems. Most teenagers are all wrapped up in their own worlds that they don't see what life is really like. It is also a very fun activity that gives students the excuse to work with their friends or to talk to them during class without teachers getting mad at them.

In the future, I will make a difference by donating money to charities. When I'm older I might even start a home for children on the streets because all children deserve a place to call home, where they are warm and safe. I got this idea from a book that I have recently read about a women who did the same things for little boys in London.

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