Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2minutes to make a difference reflection

Water Pollution google docs
2minutes to make a difference video version 1
2minutes to make a difference video version 2

2. In our final video we changed the music because we felt that it didn't fit on what our video was on. We took out the interviews because the adio wasn't that good and you couldn't really understand what they were saying. We also put some more info and pictures in. I think that we used the comments to help us with the final version.

3,4,5. we didn't find an expert for our movie but we tried.

6.I think our greatest success for this project was the editing because we knew waht we were doing. I think we should take our editing skills with us into the future.

7.trying to get the expert was really frustrating because the only expert that we could get in contact with was really busy.

8.I think that the 2minutes to make a difference project is improtant because we need to learn that there is other things that are important then just them selves.

9.I think I will help to reduce water pollution by not littering, picking up trash and turning off the tap when I am not using it.

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