Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection: Chantell M

So we did this project called 2 Minutes to Make a Difference, and after all of the researching and taking notes and organizing information, we were told to do a final reflection. I know mine is late...but I am taking the time to finish it properly.

First version of movie:

Final version:

Changes we made:

We made serveral small changes to our video. we added some more pictures (due to some suggestions) which helped lengthen the video. We also prolonged some images to give people some time to read the text. We also fixed up the minor spelling mistakes pointed out to us.
(Give credit to Nhea who did the actual editing)

The student suggestions were quite helpful. Some of the images we added helped get the point across that we were serious about this issue(at least I thought so).

How we found our expert:
Laura was the one who hooked us up with an expert. She (or her parents) were well aquainted with a respected doctor and therfore had the connections that allowed us to include our interview piece.

Our experts name is Shane Hartry.
Unfortunately, I wasn't present for the interview, but I do know that his ansewrs did clear up some things for me. Many things can lead to obesity, but the main causes are lack of exercise and over-eating. Many things can lead to such; boredom, mood, stress... and the list could go on...

Our greatest success for the project:
I would say our greatest success would be that while filming, we managed to keep our laughter down. Since we're all friends, you think we'd have been whooping it up halfway through our video, but no......
The strategies (I used) was to think if dead animals while filming so I wouldn't laugh. During one of our bloopers, I said this out loud and our group thought it was rather funny.
I think think this project helped us bond more ( even though the arguing brought some stress). I also think that I learned a thing or two about video editing.

What frustrated me the most was that we had so many ideas that we wanted to use, that we ended up arguing on which one was the best. Catfight...not pretty.....

I personally think that this project is important to all people. It gets people 'in the know' about certain issues; like poverty or racism.

In the future I'd like to make a difference by starting my own charity or becoming an affiliate of a well known humanitarian oganization.

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