Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jecelyn's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Well Harbeck told us to do a reflection on our 2 Minutes to make a difference.

Google docs:

Version 1 of movie:

Final version:

The changes our group made to the video is:
Showing that we did make a difference
Adding the interview from our expert ( Donna Beegle)
We made the voices more clear
We added text so viewers can understand the expert and what we did.

Sharmaine found our expert when she was doing research on our topic.
Donna Beegle told us that some people may struggle a lot and other places but here we just act like everyone has an opportunity. That not everyone has an opportunity.

Sharmaine found our expert during her research.

Well for me I think our greatest success was when we had an iced tea stand that we raised $61.00. at first we thought that we weren't going to make any money but in the end we did.

During the movie while we were recording our voices some of us kept messing up or our voices weren't loud enough and it got really frustrating. I will be louder in future projects and speak more clear and I will use editing skills to make a video more effective.

Speaking clearly and loud was frustrating because I had to pronounces some words and it got really annoying to start over and keep recording till it was perfect.

In the future I want to have another iced tea stand to help out people and/ or donate money and clothing to people in poverty

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