Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stephanie's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

Google docs-

Version 1-

Final Movie-

The changes my group and I did was to add pictures. We added pictures into our final cut to make the video more effective and show people how much our environment is getting affective by plastic bags. We also changed the script in a way that it would make more sense, to the audience. The comments by the students helped us to see what little and big changes we needed to make for our movie. Then in the end the comments helped us a lot and made our movie better.

3 important points the expert helped us on:
- Our expert helped us with the questions and information we didn't find the answer to.
- He told us how he, himself can make a difference about plastic bags.
- He gave us new information that we didn't know in our other researches.
What I learned about from the expert was that the plastic bags piling up in the Pacific Ocean was twice the size of Texas, which shocked all three of us when he told us that.

At first we all emailed a bunch of other experts but only 1 emailed us back, the expert that emailed us back was from the University of Manitoba. When our expert emailed us back, he gave us his number. So we did our interview over the phone, and we asked him our questions that we couldn't find the answers to.

I think our movie was a success! Although we had so much complications on making our final cut, we still did it. My group and I all equally helped on the movie project.

While making out movie we had a little difficulty on how to put pictures, music, and audio at the same time just to make the movie the way we wanted it to be. But all we really had to do was ask teachers and classmates.

For me, the 2 minutes to make a difference was important to us grade 8s because when we do a project like this, we get to see more about whats going on in the environment. I really liked how we all tried doing different topics and learning about them.

I personally will make a difference by telling family about how plastic bags are ruining our environment and how much plastic bags are being used every year and to try and use less plastic bags and more reusable bags. I will also try not to use as much plastic bags myself.

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