Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

We changed a few things for our final cut. We added credits, changed the commentary to text, we re-arranged the images, added a different approach on the government and made our music louder. Our changes were based on the comments that other people told us personally and on our own groups opinions. I think that the comments that we received made ultimately improved our video.

We found our expert by asking Bruce's mom to organize a interview. She works with immigrants and interviewed a Somalian. She helped us discover the war, learn about the war's history and helped us find out that the war destroyed homes and created refugees.

I think that I learned a lot about the different ways we can make a difference. I also learned a lot about editing when we were creating our video. I will try to use my knowledge of audio editing in my future video projects.

I was frustrated at the first draft of the movie. I thought it was horrible. We fixed it by making suggestions of how we can fix the video and doing multiple changes to make the video better.

The 2 minutes to make a difference assignment is important to grade eights because it shows us that there are many people in the world that need our help. We need to put them first and help them out before we help ourselves.

I will make a difference in the future by trying to raise awareness of important subjects like war in Somalia to my friends and family members.

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