Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kevin's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

My group and I changed many things from our first video to our final cut. The one thing my group and I focused on improving was the voices because in the comments we got and when we watched it on Youtube.com it was horrible. We changed it by taking out the voices and just put some text instead. The comments from other students really helped us because it made our video much better.

Sadly, my group and I weren't successful in finding an expert because when my group and I were looking for some experts to email and ask us for some help, none of them sent us an email back. Also, we didn't really find that much experts in this problem, so we couldn't send a lot of people emails. We also tried to ask our parents, family, relatives, and friends for help if they knew anyone who was an expert in this topic but we didn't get any help from them either.

My greatest success in the 2 Minutes to Make a Difference project, was that I learned how to make movies on Windows Movie Maker and I learned how most of the chocolate I made was made by kids my age who are barely getting payed. The skills I will take away with me in the future is how to make movies on the computer in case we need to make another movie.

While making this movie, two things were very frustrating to the group. One of them was that we never found an expert to help us with our video. Second was that it took us a long time to figure out how to work Windows Movie Maker. The strategy we used to help us figure out how to use Windows Movie Maker was we asked other students for help and used Google to help us too.

The 2 Minutes project is important to the grade 8 students because it made us realize that in other parts of the world, bad things are happening and that we should be thankful for everything that we have because other kids in the world aren't as fortunate as us to have a life like we do.

I will make a difference in the future by, not buying chocolate made by slaves and to always buy fair trade chocolate. Another way I will make a difference is to help people who are starting fundraisers for kids that have to work. Also, I will make a difference by spreading the word about child labour and how we can help stop it.

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