Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bruce's Make a Difference Final Reflection

Mr Harbeck told us each to create a post that was about our Make a Difference movie. Here is my reflection.

Google Docs
Movie Version 1
Movie Final Cut
Some changes we made to our video were, choosing to remove voices and just adding in text. Another thing we did was add in a better background for the begging of the video and adding in more convincing pictures. Some of the comments we got were really helpful for example, a comment that told us to remove voices and substitute it with text.
Our expert was Ellen Gahigi, a Field Coordinator for the United Nations.
Three important points the expert gave us were...1) How poverty in Somalia is caused, 2)What the UN is doing about this problem, 3)What we can do to help support Somalia. What we learned from our expert is that anyone can help Somalia or any other country in need by doing one thing at a time.
In my opinion our greatest success was being able to find an expert and explain what we can do to help heal the problem in Somalia. Skills that we will take from this experience is being able to explain what is happening in parts of North East Africa. What frustrated us during the movie project was not being sure on how to approach our subject. Strategies we used to be successful were, assigning different parts of the project to each member, research and just having good teamwork.
This project is important to the grade 8 students because it teaches us that the world does not revolve around us and that each and every person should care for each other.
How I will Make a Difference
I will make a difference in the future by taking what I have learned this year and passing it on to other people.

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