Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Runcel's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Google docs.

Here is the version 1 of our movie project.

Here is the final cut of our movie project

  • Please relect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?
  • How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert?
  • How did you find your expert?
  • If you did not find an expert tell us why you were unsuccessful. Be honest.
  • What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project. What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?
  • What frustrated you during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?
  • Why is the 2 Minutes project important to Grade 8 Students?
  • How will you make a difference in the future?

  • the changes Althea made on our movie project is the music and the text because you can hardly read some of the text. and some of the student comments helped a little bit on finishing our final cut.

    For the interview part of our movie project we were suppose to interview Mrs.Mota but she was busy so what Althea did is interview one of her family friend.

    Our greatest success in the 2 minutes project is putting all our movie stuff together and finishing it before the due date.

    nothing really frustrated me during the movie making process except when the due date was close I thought we weren't gonna finish before the final cut.

    The 2 minutes project is important to grade 8 students because they will learn that some people out there needs helped.

    I will make a difference in the future by helping others when they needed it like donating food or money to a charity

    Here are the pictures we use to finish our movie project.

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