Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gordons 2 Minutes 2 Make a Difference Reflection (War in Somalia)

Google Presentation

Version 1 of our Movie

Version 2 of our Movie

Our movie changed almost completely from our first version to our last version. We changed our way of showing information from a voice-over to all text, we re-arranged the images to have a more effective impact, and we used more effective music for the situation. The comments from classmates were helpful as they explained what we had done effectively in the movie and what problems in organization and presentation we could fix.

We found our expert fairly easy, as she was Bruce's mom and we simply needed to ask her if she would help us with our project. A important thing that our expert talked about was that, despite what we originally thought poverty was the main problem in Somalia, it turned out that war was the main problem.

The greatest success of our project was nothing special just the fact that we were able to inform people that there is a problem in Somalia and that if everyone was willing to pitch in we could make a difference and change the lives of thousands. Skills I'll take away from this project is the knowledge that when your making an informative video text is better than voices by a long shot.

What frustrated me the most was the fact that the problem we chose wasn't one we could solve or get information on from Winnipeg because it turned out that allot of people actually have no idea what's going on in Somalia and a few didn't even know where Somalia was.

The project is important to the grade 8 students because it shows us all the problems going on in the world and shows us ways to fix those problems

I'll make a difference by informing people of the many problems in the world and simple but effective ways they can help to solve those problems.

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