Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monica's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference (Water Pollution) Final Reflection

Google Docs:


Version 1:


Final Cut:


We changed alot of things in our video, in are firat version we put are text on pictures and on the final cut we put the text on a plain black background. We also took out peoples opinions because people said that it was destracting to the information. Another thing we did was change the music because in our first version we put music that was kind of romantic, and we changed it to something more powerful. Yes, the comments were helpful because the opinions helped us change our video to improve it.

We tried to get an expert but we didn't, because we tried calling and sending them emails but they were so busy they didn't have time for our video. We would try to call a few times a week to see if they had time but no one could do it. After that we tried interviewing other people and getting there opinions, but that didn't really fit in to the video.

I think our greatest sucess in the movie was the final cut editing because our first version some people commented and said we had poor editing so in our final cut we tried to make the editing more simple so people could understand more. I think are final copy was pretty good. So know i and my other group member can take this experience and make better videos on the future.

I think that the most frustrating thing for me was uploading the video because, it took me forever and I had no problem uploading the first version I didn't understand why we had problems with the final copy. After that we just asked Mr.Harbeck and we finally got the video uploaded.

I think the 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade eight to students because it shows us the reality of what is happening in the world, and it opens are eyes to what we can do to stop it.

In the furture I will make a difference by being safe with water and trying not to waste it. I will also not litter and stop other people from littering because all of that trash goes into the water.

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