Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 minutes can make a difference reflection ( Brendan )

Final Cut

1st version

2.When my partner and I were making the first version , I forgot to do alot of things because it was not planned out properly . While my partner tried to get information , I made the video . I thought that the video would actually try to make people to make a difference . It didn't work at all. I forgot to ask the person if I was aloud to use the video . People commenting on our first version made a difference on our final version .


5. We weren't able to find a expert because , we did not know where to find a animal expert during the time . Also humane society was difficult for us to find since they moved.

6.The successes during our 2mins is the editing part of it . What will I take to use in the future is my video editing skills and try to improve it more .

7. The things that frustrated me is how some parts of Imovie weren't co-porating with the video . I had to think of another way to make the video and that is using another video editing program. That was my strategy .

8. 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade 8 students because 1 its worth marks , 2 its to show them what is happening around the world and how they can try to make a difference .

9. What will I do to make a difference ? Is to support organizations to protect animals and other problems.

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