Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today I am going to tell you how to do the check your understanding.

So we have $35 on some beutiful shoes. There is a sale that makes it 20% off.How I found this is something you should remember. 20% is always one fifth of a 100. So we have to find one fifth of our number.7.So we need to divide it 5 to get 4%.1.40.We need to find 1% so we can add it on to our number.0.35. We add that to our number and get 1.75. I'm sorry I went off track . that 5% is our gst.So we a $7 and add $1.75. So now I have to find the pst. Which is 7%. We already have 1%.We can times that by 2 and add it too 5%.
35 divided by 5=7
7 divided by 5=1.40(divided by 4 gets 0.35)


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