Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jennifer's ScribePost on Surface Areas :]

Hello Everyone!
Here's what you need to have in your foldable in section 5.1

All of this in the key ideas section including the question 1 & 2

For the question number 1, what I put is she can be correct, because all you're looking for is the Top, Side and the Front. It isn't necessary to find out the bottom, the other side, and back of the object. You already know what you need to look for to draw the object right?

For question number 2, it isn't correct. Because if you tried to draw that with those Nets, It won't be exactly like the Math Textbook. So I would like change the front image to the top image, and from there, front to side.

Also in class, we did a "Show You Know Question" when I drew it, it looked very different then Mr.Harbeck done. Here is the question we've done.

And here is what I've done, I tried to draw the object standing up. The red square in the middle is where the hole was suppose to be.

Well I hope you enjoy my post!


  1. Great job Jennifer, I liked your post. Well there nothing much to say about it, but good job :)

  2. good job! you gave a lot of information so thats good and its good that you used pictures. i liked how u used colour only on the important thngs!!!. Great Work!! =]

  3. Nice post Jennifer you have alot of information and you explained it so well!!!
    Awesome job


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