Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Asham Scribepost on Yesterdays Hmwk

Hey guys. Okay so I did not do the homework for that day, but I did it in class today :D. I believe for scribe 1 I was supposed to put down the definitions. Okay i'll get on with it because I have to go in 15 minutes.

Vertex - a point where three or more edges meet
Face - flat or curved surface
Edge - line segements where two faces meet

Net - For this one, since I didn't bother to add pictures for the other one, I'm going to show an example of what a net is and give a definition in my own words.
Lets use this cube as an example. It's a Three Dimensional Shape, but what if we squashed it. Or what of we "opened it up". It would probably look something like this. So basically by squishing we turned it into a net, at first it was 3D, and now its 2D. This is the Net of a cube.

Thank-you for reading my scribepost. If this is not what I was supposed to do, correct me and I will have it done in the morning kay thanks bye.


  1. Nice job Asham! Shame on you for not doing your homework! But at least you got it done right? You are missing a few more things on the homework on we done. We also had to define 2 more words such as a Net or a rectanglar prism. We've also did something on our homework book on page 48. Anyways add some pictures or colors to your post to make it stand out! Soo, Nice job Asham!

  2. hey asham, good job on the definitions but I believe that for this post,you were supposed to put all of yesterday not just the definitions and speaking of definitions, you are missing two of them. anyways good job :)

  3. Good job Asham
    Nice job explaining it so well!!!


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