Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alex's scribe post Feb 03/10

OK, so I had to do any three questions on pages 148, 149, and I think 150 so I choose 4, 6, and 8 on page 148 and 149.
4. Chris purchased the following items:
• 2 binders at $4.99 each
• 1 math set for $3.99
• a backpack for $19.99
Find the total cost including 5% GST
and 7% PST.
So all of the prices added up of all the items is approximately $34 and I am just going to add the GST and PST together so I get 12% taxes.Well I like to do these kinds of problems with ratio tables so I think I will.

So basically this question asks what is the taxes and the taxes is 12% so that would be $4.08 so the total cost is $38.08 of all the items.
A store discounted items by 50% off the
original price one week. The following
week an additional 10% was taken off the
already reduced price. The regular price
of a CD player was $85.00. What is the
reduced price in the second week?
So first I would find the first discounted price which is 50% off so first I will find out the 50% off discount and I shall use a ratio table.

So that was the first week of the 50% off so here is the second week.

So the first week took off $42 and a half dollars off the original price and then the second week there was $8 and a half dollars taken off the original price so then $42.5-$8.5 is $34 for the radio on the second week.
Copy and complete the following table.
Use 5% GST and the percent of PST
applicable to where you live.
So the items that were purchased are boots $119.99, pants$89.99, gloves$39.99, and a helmet$189.99.What I need to find is the total tax for each and the total cost for each.PST here in this province is 7%.
So for each I will use more ratio tables because I find them easy to work with.I am just going to add the GST and PST together to get 12 to make it easier.
Boots: total tax:$14.40 Total cost:$134.40

Pants:Total tax:$10.80 Total cost:$100.80

Gloves:total tax:$4.80 Total cost:$44.80

Helmet:total tax:$22.80 Total cost:$212.80

Please comment and tell me what I did wrong


  1. Nice work Alex, I learned a few things from this scribe.

  2. You did a good job explaining the answers in your scribe.


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