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Today I had to do three questions on what we did recently in math class for scribepost today.

4. How many grids do each percent needs

a) 101%

We all know that 100% is one grid.

100 = 1 grid

101% is one percent higher than one hundred percent but we can not just put another square unit on to the hundred grid (same thing with alot of numbers) so we have to put another one hundred grid to cover that extra one percent.
X 101% = 1 grid (do not do this)
101% = 2 grids (putting another grid to cover the extra one percent is correct)

b) 589%

Again with the stuff above, 100% is one grid and why we can not increase the number of units in a grid. In other words we need to round up to the nearest hundred(always) and never round down. 589 rounded up is 600. Which means we need six 100 grids for this question. Then we just muliply one grid by 600 to complete the answer.

589 rounds up to the nearest 100 = 600
100 = 1 grid
1 x 600 = 600
600 = 6 grids

c) 1450%

Same thing with the other questions, we need to round up the number to the nearest hundred.

1450 rounds up to 1500
100% = 1 grid
1500 x 1 = 1500
1500 = 15 grids
10. A coach asked to give 110%.

a) Just find out the value of 110% in a fraction and in a decimal.

I first convent it into a simple fraction. Since fractions can be out of anything, I put the 110% on top because it is the value out of something. Then I put 100 on the bottom because percents are out of 100. Then from there, I have to simplify the fraction until it is in its most basic form. Dividing it by two is a very common way to simplify a number.

110 = 110/100
110/100 divided by 2 = 55/50

Fractions cannot have a decimal in it, so I had to use an alternative that if they have a relationship with each other we can divide it by the common muliple (relationship) to get a more simplified fraction. For this, they are both divisible by five so we can use it as the relationship. Then I can just divide the fraction by five.

55/50 divided by 5 = 11/10
The value is 11/10.
Now the fraction is in its most basic form (we cannot divide the fraction into another proper fraction; otherwise it is the answer). Now I have to find the value of 110% in a decimal.

Decimals are out of one and percents are out of one hundred. Do not worry, one and one hundred have a common mulitple between each other (by the way, its 100).

1 = 100%
110% divided by 100 = 1.1
110% = 1.1
The value is 1.1

b) What does the statement mean to you?

To me, the statement "Means give it all you got!!!" or "Give it your best!". In a more simple way, try your hardest. Now onto the last and final question I have to do for scribepost today.

14. Julia borrowed $100 from her brother. Julia's brother put a 5.5% interest for every month Julia did not pay him back (seriously, who does that!?). One month later, Julia paid her brother back. How much interest did Julia pay?

Well I solve questions like this in my way (simple, fast, shows you have done your work). I first find the percents I need and add them together to get the answer. There are other ways to get the answer, so you can do it your way when solving questions like these. I first find the five percent. Then I am going to find the half of a percent. After, I am just going to add them together to get the answer.I will not use ratio tables for this question, besides it saves alot of room. :)

$100 divided by 20 = $5
100% divied by 20 = 5%
$5 = 5%
Twenty mulipled by five equals one hundred. That is why I put twenty as the common muliple which I used to divide the number. Then I got the five percent I needed. Now I just have to find one half of a percent.

Both the 100% and $100 is the same so the results will be the same. I then am going to divide 100 by 100 to get one. After, I am going to divide it again by 2 to get one half of a percent.

$100 divided by 100 = $1
$1 divided by 2 = $0.50
$0.50 = 0.5%

Now I am going to add them up together to find the answer of this question.

$5 + $0.50 = $5.50

Julia paid an interest of $5.50

Thank you for reading my scribepost for today and farewell!!!!!

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