Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bruce's 3 Q's on Percents

Today Mr Harbeck told us to pick any percent questions and answer them, so here we go.

Pg 148

2)How can you calculate a cost of an item with tax just in one step.
In my opinion I would multiply the original number by a single percent greater than 100.
e.g. 111% of 100=1.11 x 100
Pg 146

2) gst is 5%, pst is 7% and you purchase an item for $100.

a) How would you represent the 5% and 7% on a 100 grid.
Since it's out of 100 I would just color 5 squares representing 5% and 7 squares representing 7%.

b)How much is the gst and the pst.
Since it's out of 100 the gst would be .07 cents and the pst would be .05cents. The reason I thought this is because 7% and 5% wouldn't be $7 and $5 worth of tax so that's why I turned it into cents.

c)How much tax does a person pay all together.
A person would have to pay 12% worth of tax all together.

a)Describe 2 ways you could calculate the total tax of an item.
First way is by using a ratio table. The second way is by using the formula where you multiply the original number by a single percent greater than 100.

b)Which method do you prefer to use? Explain.
I prefer the ratio table method because, it's the method I'm most used to.

I chose to do this question because my computer wasn't showing all the questions I had chosen.

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