Friday, February 12, 2010

Percents %

HEY EVERYBODY! Here is percent.

PERCENT: A percent is an equivalent fraction out of 100.

Our homework is to find the percent of the following fractions in 3 different ways. (I'll cover 1 and leave the rest to you guys).

One way to find the percent of this fraction is by first, converting it to a decimal. In order to find the decimal equivalent of a fraction, we multiply the numerator by the denominator.

5 divided by 7 = 0.71

Now that we have the decimal, we have to find the percent, by multiplying the decimal by 100. We multiply by 100 because, remember a percent is an equivalent fraction out of 100. A decimal is an equivalent fraction out of 1, so in order to get from 1-100 we multiply by 100.

0.71 X 100 = 71%


Another way to find percent is by creating an equivalent fraction out of 100. In order to get from 7-100 we have to multiply by 14.2. And remember, what you do to the top, you do to the bottom.

5 X 14.2 = 71

Now our fraction is 71/100

This means that our percent is 71%


A third way to figure out percent is by using ratio.


So there is 3 different ways to figure out percent. Have fun with the rest!

P L E A S E C O M M E N T !



  1. good job explained everything well and it's also very easy to understand.

  2. Hey Laura, you did really good! I like how you showed 2 different ways to find percents and told us what percent is. This scribepost can help many of us understand percent better than we did before. You did very good !

  3. Awesome job!!
    you explained it so well


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