Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scribepost for percent

4. How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the following percents?
a) 101% We need 2 grids because 1 grid is 100% + 1 more grid that's 1%=101%

b) 589%=6 grids A grid is a 100% and we need six of them to cover 589% We need 5 grids that's completely shaded and 1 grid that's 89% shaded.

c) 1450% 100%=1grid
1000%=10 grids

1400%=14 grids

15 grids

9. Copy and complete the following table.

15. A forester recorded the following data on tree types.

a) What is the total number of trees recorded? 1814 b) What percent of the total does each tree species represent?

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