Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jecelyn's scribepost

Okay so today we were introduced to percents.

In class we had to use 10x10 grids for solving percent problems.

For example if we had to shade in 65% of the grid we would shade 65 squares. Why? because percents are out of 100. We also had to show if we messed with a square so then we just make some sort of pop out to show what we did.

Well Harbeck tricked a lot of people when he said to fill in 3/4 of the grid a lot of people thought that 3/4 was 75% of the square so the shaded in 75% of the square but it actually meant that it only 3/4 or 75% of 1 square.

In class we also made a foldable.

In the foldable at the first flap we had to find the definition of percent and fractional percent. Under that we had to draw out what 180% , 0.6% and 12 3/4% looks like on a grid. We just have to draw it out and show a pop up where we messed with the square.

Percent- is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100.
Fractional Percent- a percent that includes a portion of a percent.


  1. ehumm..very good job Jecelyn. Your post is explained very well..for the foldable, you should have explainded how we made it..good job again, you remember to tell us of what we put on our foldable. You should ive example for FRACTIONAL PERCENT..



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