Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deniel's scribpost 8-16 January 6th 2010 Question 16#


Hey guys okay I really don't know if I was to do this question or not today but ill do it anyway...
The question I chose was Question 16 and it was the hard question but i figured it out anyway so here is my solution:
What is the length of the red diagonal in the box? Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a millimetre.

Here is my answer to this problem:
(Sorry if i didn't add any the letters a,b,c because it was hard putting them on the picture.)

When I was estimating I tried to figure out the problem by seeing what the question meant so here's what I did:
I multiplied the numbers by 2 making it 218 so I squared that number making it 14.8 because I rounded it by a tenth which makes this my solution but my answer is gonna be next.

All I did was:
A²+B²+C² = ???

5mm² + 7mm² + 12mm² =???
So I multiplied them making an answer: (5x5)+(7x7)+(12x12)=218

So I squared the number making an answer which was: √218 = 14.7 rounding it making it 14.8
so that is my answer for Question 16#


  1. commented on myself cause i was bored ^^

  2. ohh and this post was kinda easy :D since there was no left out numbers


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