Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deniel's Scribepost January 14

Okay I wanted to do a scribe post so the questions I got to do were 15,10,7,3 but anyway here are my answers:

Question 3
Shindi commented to a friend that “some percents would be easier to show
if we shaded the parts that were not included in the percent.” Explain what
she means. Which percents are easier to show using Shindi’s method? Why?

I think she meant was an example like this: (sorry no pic)

Shindi meant was that on a graph pretend the answer was 54% but the reason why she said that was that the person shaded in 46 meaning that what Shindi meant about the answer or the other reason was that the first answer (46%) was the real answer but it maybe was acutally 54% but anyway yeah.

Question 7
Represent the percent in each statement on a grid.

a) Attendance at the fall fair increased by 3.2% this year.

The Fall fair increased by 3.2%.

b) The average mass of a Singapura cat is about 0.13% of the mass of a Siberian tiger.
The Siberian Tiger would be 0.13%

c) The length of the Yukon River is about 230% of the length of the Fraser River.

The length of the Yukon river is 230%.
Question 10
Why might a scientist studying water pollution work with percents less than one?

Because the scientist might have found out that the pollution is less than 1 %

Question 15
Show how hundred grid(s) could be used to represent a very small percent, such as 0.000 0125%.

In my opinion for this answer I just guessed but her is my solution:

On a graph it would show (sorry no pic :/) 100 so it would show as 10=1 as we keep going we get to 10 dividing it by 0.001 we would get 0.0001 so as we keep going 0.00001 we gotta reach 0.0000125 so here is my answer to that question:

0.1/ 10 = 0.01 / 10 = 0.001
then replace the one making it 125 so 0.125/ 10 = 0.0125
then 0.0125/ 10 = 0.00125 / 10 = 0.000125 / 10 = 0.0000125 and theres your answer

(sorry no pic I did this today and some questions i had no time to think)

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