Friday, April 9, 2010

Jennifer's Fraction Growing Post :D

Hello Everyone!

There is two ways to show how to multiply a fraction by a whole number. One way is to draw a picture or just straight multiplying. Multiply the top then the bottom which gives you the answer. Or I draw a fraction strip to help me solve the answer. The picture below explains both ways. The question example I will show will be in the math textbook page 202 question 6A.

Next, I'm going to show you how to divide a fraction! The easiest way for me to divide a fraction is do draw a fraction strip. The question I am going to use for this diagram will be in the math textbook page 208, question 5D. The Diagram shows how I did it step by step to get the answer.

Next, I'll show you how I solve a word problem using fractions I'm going to use Question 12 for this :D

Part Two!

For part two, I have to show that I understand how to multiply which is very easy. I have to have a fraction multiplied by fraction, fraction multiply by mixed number. and Mixed number multiply by Mixed number.

For the second one, in order for me to solve it, I have to change the mixed number into a improper fraction. By multiplying the denominator by the whole number then add the numerator. Which gives my an improper fraction. From there, I just do the same thing as question one. If my answer turns out as a proper fraction, no need for me to change it to a mixed number.

And for the third one, It's like putting all your work together but, the only thing will be new is converting an improper fraction to a proper fraction. Which is easy, The numerator has to go in the box while the denominator has to stay outside the box. It's like doing long division. When I get a remaining, I use that for my answer.

The image below represents diving fractions with mixed numbers. First of all I have to find the common denominator that matches with the number am diving once that's done, I draw a fraction strip so that would help me represent my mixed number or fraction. What is my statement is that "How many groups of 1 3/4 goes in 2/4?" Something like that I don't really need to care about the denominator at the end. I just need to keep an eye on the numerator. That will lead me to my answer :]

Thanks for reading my post!

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  1. Good job on the scribe post, well explained, but you should change the yellow text because that part is a little hard to read :S.


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